Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Heavy hexagonal wire mesh is also called big specification hexagonal mesh or gabion mesh, it is made from high grade steel wire

through twisting and braiding by machine. It can be mainly used in supporting and protecting of side slope and basis pit, 

mountain rock hanging mesh, green guard rail netting on side slope, railway guard rail netting, highway guard rail netting.

Heavy hexagonal mesh also can be worked into stone cage or stone cushion, and used in reservoir, river or dyke for closure.

1.Materials: High quality low carbon steel wire. Stainless steel wire.

2. Wire Diameter
    1.7 mm-4.0mm, generally, we use 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.7mm, 3.4mm, 4.0mm
   Selvedge wire is thicker than mesh wire, generally, we use 3.4mm-4.0mm
   Lacing wire is thinner than mesh wire, generally we use 2.0-2.2mm
3.  Mesh size (Hole size):
  50*70mm, 60*80mm, 80*100mm, 100*120mm, 100*140mm, 120*150mm, 160*180mm , etc. 
4. Box size( basket size):
  6*2*0.23m,  2*1*0.5m, 2*1*1m, 3*1*1m, 4*1*1m, etc. , special size can follow customers' requirements. 

5.Process: weaving before dipped hexagonal mesh and PVC hexagonal mesh or dipped before weaving hexagonal mesh and PVC hexagonal mesh, 

hot-dipped galvanized after weaving, hot-dipped galvanized before weaving, electro galvanized after weaving, electro galvanized before weaving .

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